Visit the ‘Tijdelijk Museum’ (Temporary Museum) in the former prison complex of the ‘Bijlmerbajes’! After a successful first edition in the former Shell Tower (the present A’DAM Toren), the present edition explores connections with the new residents of the – equally temporary – asylum seekers’ centre set up here. The participating artists and designers were invited to make new work for the occasion. Examples include Leonard van Munster’s tree fountain in the courtyard, Teun Castelein’s Bijlmer Hammam in an old cell block, Mayra Sérgio’s tea landscape and an installation in the control room featuring videos by Gali Blay. The Museum will continue to expand its collection throughout the exhibition period.

 Detail work Jan Rothuizen Detail work Mayra SérgioDetail work Jan Hoek (left) and Mounira Al Solh (right)Detail work Sander Wassink

The exhibition will be organised at a location where the inhabitants – both the former inmates of the ‘Bijlmerbajes’ and the recognised refugees – are basically left to fend for themselves. Both groups have one thing in common: limited freedom of movement. In such a state of isolation and seclusion, people who lack the support of family and friends can easily start to feel alienated and dependent. When there’s no other place to go, which effect does this have on your imaginative capacities? The Temporary Museum’s exhibition area doubles as a meeting area, with art serving as a catalyst for open-minded encounters between the Temporary Residents and visitors.

In December 2016, Stichting Leegstand Oplossers Amsterdam (LOLA) start to set up the cultural hotspot Lola Lik in the former ‘Bijlmerbajes’ prison complex. Our key partner in this venture is Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA). This will be the first time COA establishes an asylum seekers’ centre on the same site as a cultural hotspot and the Temporary Museum. The experiment serves as an interesting example for other asylum seekers’ centres.

The participating artists are: Gali Blay, Maze de Boer, Melanie Bonajo, Teun Castelein, Eddie the Eagle Museum, Circus Engelbregt, Jan Hoek, Leonard van Munster, Richard Niessen, Jan Rothuizen, Mayra Sérgio, Mounira Al Solh, Sander Wassink.

Initiators: Nathalie Faber (curator) and Claartje Kortbeek (producer) / 60 layers of cake foundation


Opening hours of the Temporary Museum
Wednesday-Sunday from 12 noon to 6 p.m.
28 June 2017-1 January 2018

Admission: 3 euro and/or a contribution.
Every month, the Temporary Museum will organise a new collection in response to the current needs of the residents of the asylum seekers’ centre. At the moment there is need for men’s clothes and shoes (clean, beautiful and without wholes) for the give away shop in Lola Lik.

Former ‘Bijlmerbajes’ prison, Lola Lik,
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 48, 1096 AN Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

The entrance is not on the side of the AZC, at the towers and the underground, but on the other side (south side) at the cultural incubator ‘Lola Lik’. See map.

Would you like to book a guided tour?
Feel free to contact us at info@tijdelijkmuseum.org
Price: 80 euros, admission and tea ceremony included.
Group size: 10 persons max



What’s happening?

Guided tours
Every hour, our museum team – made up of young Amsterdam locals and newcomers – will be holding a guided tour for the visitors. They look forward to telling you more about the building’s history and the works featured in the exhibition. These guided tours are suited for young people and adults alike.

And there’s even more to do at Lola Lik. Enjoy a slice of cake in the Taartrovers canteen, or have lunch at the Refugee Company restaurant A Beautiful Mess. Work yourself into a sweat at the Bijlmerbajes boxing gym.

Rent the Museum
Are you looking for an inspiring location for a lecture, event or dinner? The Temporary Museum can also be rented for occasions. For further details, please send an email to info@tijdelijkmuseum.org.